Construction and maintenance company  for polyester metallic and wooden surfaces of all forms. is based in Germany and operates to the whole Europe taking on construction and τηε maintenance of wind turbines, tanks, ships, etc.
Wind generators: is taking on the construction of the propeller blades of wind turbines from the molding to the surface sanding stage and their final form.
Maintenance and repair of boats – ships: is taking on the repair and maintenance of small and large sea-going boats of all sizes which are made from polyester, wooden and metal materials.
Sandblasting: has special workshops with specialized equipment and machines that apply sandblast on all surfaces where special cleaning and maintenance is needed.
Dyes and coloring on surfaces: is taking on the yachts coloring but also and the coloring of large commercial ships, transporting the maintenance workshop to the place where the boat is located.
The maintenance and painting pre-work materials that are used by DIAMOND SERVICES, are of superior quality and suitable for any type of work.
Carpentry work of all types: is taking on to carry out the carpentry work on buildings or ships
Our specialized workshops can make any wooden design, from a simple household design to large-size wooden constructions for ships and factories.

  Last years cooperates with the construction and maintenance company

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